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Welcome to SinStress! A brand new bi-monthly series from new publisher Impressia Publishing, kicking off with an SinStress Issue #0 in December, introducing you to a future world that links all of our characters together. SinStress #0 is a 16 page story with lots of back-up pages and material, including pin-ups, making it a bumper 28pp book to start your collection of our titles.

The year is 2043.  

In the outer radius of a city, barricaded by a huge metal wall, lives a malevolent race. Shunned by the living 'inner-world', due to a virus that spread after a meteor storm struck Earth, these inhabitants manifested into something unworldly that society could not, or would not, understand.  

In the inner-world, Skye Searle, a nosey nu-era journalist, working for an digital news broadcaster wants to investigate the world that exists outside of her own. 

Puzzled and curious by the 'infected' inhabitants that were left behind from this catastrophic event, this devil may care young woman has nothing to live for, as her world has become a desolate, depressed and mundane place to live. 

She wants to break out of the inner city and bring truth to those believing that those living outside are normal. 

They are not!

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